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       "Once you learn to read, you

               will be forever free."

            -Frederick Douglass

Meet the Author


Nicole Newson is a children’s book author who helps children learn the joy of serving others and the importance of building positive self esteem. She believes having a healthy identity is critical to becoming the person one aspires to be.


Nicole is on a mission to help children learn how important serving others is, how valuable they are, and how to possess unwavering self love. Se has always had a love for children's books and reading. Nicole has a true passion for community service and mission work. Her books represent positive lessons that she wants children to cherish and live by.


Nicole lived in Nashville, TN for over 20 years, but recently moved to Georgia with her husband and two amazing daughters. She currently  has two published books, "The Day Zebra Lost his Stripes," and

The Day Porcupine Lost her Quills.


"There are many little ways to enlarge your world. Love of

 books is the best of all."  

 -Jacqueline Kennedy


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Customers Say It Best

- Delightful
Zebra is a hip teenager with a big ego- until one day he wakes up to find his precious stripes are gone.  As Zebra learns to do good in his community, his stripes come back little by little.  Zebra realizes that the most fundamental part of his identity must be built on doing good for others.  This is a joyous book with visual winks on every page, thanks to the dynamic and detailed illustrations of Walter Policelli.

Book Reviewed by IG: shelivesamongbooks

What a beautiful, sweet story.  It is enjoyable to read & puts a smile on my face.  I love that it teachers kids important life lessons, values, sense of self, kindness, selfishness & to see the world around us.  I love that Zebra was helping others.  Not only did it make him feel good, he was getting his stripes back.

Book Reviewed by IG: stylishmodernmotherhood

This is such a wonderful story for children to read. This story teachers children that they shouldn't focus on their looks so much, but to focus on helping others.  Ive always told my children those that help others and are kind always look the most beautiful..

What a beautiful story to share with children.  Sometimes they can get carried away only thinking about themselves, but they need to realize how much better they will feel helping others.

Book Reviewed by IG: allbookedupnow

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